Engineering & Design

We ensure compliance with government regulations, code, and requirements, providing support in the following areas: independent technical review, technical opinion, gap analysis, project uncertainty analysis, and project economic verification.

Finance & Accounting

We deliver start-to-finish management of financial and accounting services, including order-to-cash and procure-to-pay services, strategic budgeting, cost containment, cash flow management, tax planning, and financial record management.


We provide full cycle procurement assistance within our clients’ own ERP/MRP systems or our own. Make/ buy decisions are supported from development through close-out, including all facets of analysis and evaluation of suppliers.

HR Management

We provide effective and compliant payroll processing.

Back-office/Shared Services

We customize back-office services to meet your business requirements while focusing on the simplification of your business processes.

On-Demand Workforce

We utilize professionals from different spheres and a pool of highly-qualified, newly graduated talent to provide a top-of-the-line, on-demand workforce.

IT Solutions

Our professionals experienced in many industries will offer you a wide range of solutions including web, mobile, data management and design.

Business Consulting

We offer you  business consulting in the following spheres: Management Consulting, Business Development, Project Management, Strategy Development and Marketing.

Our Core Values

We are a customer-centric company with strong adherence to international quality standards. We achieve service excellence and simplification through the integration of people, processes, and technology. Going beyond measurable service components, we ensure reliability and create value and foresight at all stages of delivery.

Value Creation

We offer a multidisciplinary knowledge base for proactive services. We adapt, align and scale with client’s progress and vision. We deliver right service at the right time, always staying ahead of the game.

Continuous Feedback

We focus on client satisfaction and collect regular customer feedback for continuous improvement.

Sustainable Partnership

We ensure a sustainable and valuable partnership through delivering high-quality services, covering internal business performance gaps, measuring critical business practices, and managing risks.

Performance Benchmark

We measure performance with quantitative and qualitative metrics and are transparent in our approach to service delivery.

Best Practices

We ensure best practices by managing controllable costs, optimizing processes, and continuously monitoring performance.


Our team has worked with some of the most industry-relevant companies in the world.

Expertise in Leading Industry Software

SAP is one of the world leaders in the field of corporate applications for effective business management. More than 250k customers worldwide trust SAP solutions and services. Meeting the needs of both large corporations and SMEs, SAP helps companies strengthen their competitive advantage through a transparent and sound management of business processes.
Oracle Corporation, a U.S. based multinational computer technology corporation, specializes in the development of databases management systems, middle-tier software, and industry specific applications. Oracle has branches in over 145 countries around the world.
SuccessFactors is the leader in cloud solutions for HR management. Using cutting edge cloud technologies, SuccessFactors provides ease of implementation and development flexibility to its clients, allowing them to solve human resource management issues and significantly reduce the cost of implementation and support. Over 4,000 companies worldwide benefit from SuccessFactors’ expertise.
Nakisa Inc., one of the leaders in the sphere of organization structure and talent management solutions, has more than 3.4 million users in 125 countries around the world. After strategic partnership with SAP in the area of organization structure and talent management visualization was reached in 2007, Nakisa developed the uniform platform for human resources and organization structure management based on SAP HCM.