About Acquerant

Having years of experience, Acquerant provides global value-added Business Process Services performed by highly skilled and qualified professionals. The company focuses on meeting the needs of companies across the globe. Our multidisciplinary team has extensive expertise in different spheres of business processes and provides valuable solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.


10+ years of experience servicing top companies in different industries, Continuous strengthening and developing relationships with customers and partners.

People & Facilities

Regional Workforce of 100+ employees, Highly qualified professionals with extensive expertise in different spheres, Access to wide pool of talent.


Life Sciences, Public sector, Energy, Automotive, Education, Manufacturing, Media, Retail, Transportation, Chemicals, E-commerce, Engineering & Construction

Our Core Values

We are a customer-centric company with strong adherence to international quality standards. We achieve service excellence and simplification through the integration of people, processes, and technology. Going beyond measurable service components, we ensure reliability and create value and foresight at all stages of delivery.

Value Creation

We offer a multidisciplinary knowledge base for proactive services. We adapt, align and scale with client’s progress and vision. We deliver right service at the right time, always staying ahead of the game.

Continuous Feedback

We focus on client satisfaction and collect regular customer feedback for continuous improvement.

Sustainable Partnership

We ensure a sustainable and valuable partnership through delivering high-quality services, covering internal business performance gaps, measuring critical business practices, and managing risks.

Performance Benchmark

We measure performance with quantitative and qualitative metrics and are transparent in our approach to service delivery.

Best Practices

We ensure best practices by managing controllable costs, optimizing processes, and continuously monitoring performance.